Travel around China in your way


Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China

Now China is the nation on everyone's lips, for travelers, definitely China has been one of the world booming travel destinations. The incredible vastness of China cannot be described in one one sentence. The diverse landscapes and climates, 1.3 billion souls of the 55 colorful ethnic minorities and Han ethnic nationality, and the ruins of over 5000 years of history and culture cover a huge physical land area of 9.6 million square kilometers. How do we travel around this massive country in an efficient and flexible way regarding to China tourism reality? We keep thinking over this topic for a long time and try to find a best way for that.

After years' experience for different tours, We do believe " enjoy your travel, in your way"  can turn into reality from private tours. Private tour is the best way to discover and explore this magic land. EYT TOURS believe that the best sights and travel in China are to those wild and untamed places, where your sense of wonder, excitement, and mystery can run free.

Our discovery, exploration and adventure programs are designed and optimized to show you an authentic and different side of China from your home daily news about China’s economic boom. We’ll lift the curtain on China’s stunning natural beauty, varied wildlife, and captivating mix of diversity and cultures. Into this depth the passionate traveler can find a dynamic experience, a life experience. All this you are looking for comes into truth with EYT TOURS

Yamtrok-tso Lake in Tibet 


Please tell us what you like and let us know what you would like to see, and how much you would like to spend and we’ll use our specialist knowledge of the land to put together the holiday you deserve, with some of our favorites that you may not have thought about. Or if you are not sure what you want we are always happy to help with inspiration.


Tours offered by EYT always seek the exceptional areas and experiences and include all the comforts and amenities. We are very mindful of our responsibilities as an professional tour operator in complying with social standards and continually strive to improve the quality of service we provide. That is why EYT TOURS will always work closely together with our customers, partner companies as well as guides and drivers. As an professional tour operator in China we believe that every single trip should be unique and customized to meet a customer’s specific requirements. It's great honor to serve you in your upcoming holidays to China! TEL:0086-13688000876 FAX:86-28-85510272