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Private Chengdu Walking Day Tours

Trip Code: EYT-SC-15~17
Trip Name: Private Chengdu Walking Tours
Destinations: Chengdu,in southwest China
Durations: One day
Trip Start: Chengdu; Trip End:Chengdu
Recommended departure season: All year round

Chengdu is the biggest city in west China, the capital of Sichuan province and hometown of the giant panda, She has a rich natural and cultural tourism resources. Still one more day is available for you to stay in Chengdu. However, you do not want to miss the opportunity to discover more about this dreaming city. Don't hesitate to let us know about it, EYT TOURS is a Chengdu-based travel operator, please take a look the following suggested walking tours offered by EYT TOURS, Hope you have a good time in Chengdu. Feel free to contact us if you are in need of further assistance.

Top things to do for Chengdu
Drop yourself into one of crowded traditioanl Chengdu teahouses;
Go to see the famous antique market- Songxianqiao Antique Market;
Go eye to eye with hand-weaving brocade in Chengdu Brocade and Embroidery Factory;
Watch Sichuan Opera with face-changing performace at night;
Walk along Jinjiang River & Bingjiang Road and enjoy the amazing night cityscape.

Jinjiang River, Chengdu

Main sights to visit
Dufu Cottage / Green Ram Temple /KuanZhai Ancient Street /People's(Renmin) Park/ Tianfu Square & Mao Statue/Yanshikou Shopping Area / Chuanxi Shopping Area /Shuadu Local Restaurants Zone /Old South Gate Bridge/Jinjiang Hotel /Shangri-la Hotel /Bingjiang Road Bar Street/ Jiuyan(Nine-arched) Bridge
Chengdu downtown walking routes

Is this trip right for you?

Trip Theme: Discovery Tour
Trip Type: Private Walking Tour
Physical Rating: Easy
Accommodation: Upon Request
Meals: Upon Request
Transportation: Upon Request
Trip Crew: A local guide can be arranged
Departure : Upon request

Suggested Trip Plans
EYT-SC-15: Dufu Cottage-Songxianqiao Market- Green Ram Temple- Sichuan Opera Walking Tour;
EYT-SC-16: Kuan & Zhai Street-People's Park-Tianfu Square & Mao Statue -Yanshikou & Chuanxi Shopping Area-Sichuan Opera;
EYT-SC-17: Shuadu Food Street - Old South Gate Bridge -Bingjiang Road Bar Street-Jiuyan Bridge Night Walking Tour.

Welcome to Chengdu

Detailed Itinerary for Suggested Private Chengdu Walking Tours

EYT-SC-15: Dufu Cottage-Songxianqiao Market- Green Ram Temple- Sichuan Opera Walking Tour
Meet you at the hotel and then go to Dufu Thatched Cottage by taxi, visit the park with Dufu Museum and the former cottage sites, and then walk to Songxianqiao Antique Market( about 20 minutes walking along a scenic path in Flower-bathing Park); after wondering the market and then walk to Green Ram Temple, a traditional biggest Daosit Monastery in Chengdu, after that, find a teahouse next to the temple, explore the top laid-back city in China from a local teahouse. Walk to Qingtai Road for food and watch Sichuan Opera at night from 8:00pm-9:30pm. Send you back to hotel by taxi or private tranfer, and end the tour.

Or: Dufu Thatched Cottage-Sichuan Museum-Songxianqiao Antique Market-Shu Brocade & Embroidery Museum-Fanglin Road Bar Street Walking Tour

Tianfu Square, Chengdu

EYT-SC-16: KuanZhai Ancient Street-People's Park-Tianfu Square & Mao Statue-Yanshikou-Chuanxi Road-Sichuan Opera
Meet you at the hotel and then go to Kuan & Zhai Ancient Street by taxi, then walk to People's Park for exploring local people's leisure life, and then keep walking to Tianfu Square & Mao Statue, a city center of Chengdu, continue to local shopping quarter:Yanshikou Shopping Area-Chuanxi Shopping Area; After dinner, watch Sichuan Opera by taxi or private transfer, send you back to hotel and end the tour.

EYT-SC-17: Shuadu - Old South Gate Bridge-Shangri-la-Bingjiang Road Bar Street-Jiuyan Bridge Night Walking Tour
Meet you at the hotel in the afternoon( about 5:00PM) and then go to Shuadu Local Restaurants Zone by taxi, famous for Sichuan Hotpot and local flavor food. After dinner, walk along Brocade River(Jinjiang) to Jinjiang Hotel, continue to Shangri-la Hotel where two important rivers (Fuhe River & Nanhe River) meet together, After walk through Bingjiang Road Bar Street, and send you back to hotel by taxi or private transfer and end the tour.

Chengdu, China

Budget and Quotation for Private Chengdu Walking Tours

All Chengdu private walking tours suggested by EYT TOURS  are 100% Tailor-made, Your entire holiday is designed around your requirements; Explore your interests at your own speed; Select your preferred style of accommodation; Create the perfect trip with the help of our specialists. The budget will depend on your request and reality of the destinations. Our travel specialists will try our best to lower the budget while enhancing your travel experience.We promise to offer best tours, best choice and best prices.

Services & Budgets for Chengdu private tours offed by EYT TOURS

1 Transportation

1) Private Transfer, suggested pubic transportation such as local bus, taxi or subway if you like

2) Please ask for the latest price before you go, the budget will depend on different realities.

2 Accommodation

With the most comprehensive range of accommodation throughout Chengdu and we can provide you with unlimited choices in style, location, quality and price be it backpackers, hotels, resorts, luxury retreats, lodges, hosted luxury Bed & Breakfasts - the choice is yours!  Simply provide our trip adviser of EYT TOURS with either your quality requirements or budget and they can tailor the accommodation choices to suit. You also can book accommodations online by yourself if you like.

3 Activities & Sightseeing

You can combine as little or as much into our recommended itineraries as you choose. With EYT TOURS providing different and varied activities and sightseeing options, the choices are endless. If your itinerary is themed we can tie in the activities to suit, like traditional cultural performances, special style activities, local flavor food & traditional style accommodation, local community visits and outdoor pursuits.

4 Meals & Special Meal Highlights

Chengdu is well known for its Sichuan cuisine and amazing local flavor food( such as Sichuan snacks, hotpot etc.) so this forms integral part of any holiday. EYT TOURS can include a range of meal options from hotel restaurants, local restaurants, Chinese and Western breakfasts, lunches and dinners, as well as special theme events. Ask for an itinerary inclusive of all or some of your meals and take advantage of group price savings.

5 Private guide

The best guides make the difference between a good trip and an outstanding one.Tour leaders, local tour guides can be arranged on requests. Enjoy the professional private guided services during your tour in Chengdu, All guides from EYT TOURS led by Myles Ma, one of the listed Senior English-speaking Guides by China National Tourism Administration, have travelled extensively or lived in Chengdu and around. You will have the same guide throughout the planning process.

6. Government taxes & travel agency's responsibility insurance.

Budget excludes:

1.Tips for guides, escort, drives, porter, etc.

2. Personal expenses such as excess luggage fees, laundry, postage, communications and beverages.

3. Optional meals and shows mentioned in the itinerary, which will be added up if the clients desire to take the activities.

4. Any extra cost caused by changes of natural disasters, fires, weather, governmental and local authority orders, political change, strikes, war, riots, quarantine, custom regulations, damages or injury caused by accident beyond the control of EYT and that has incurred due to the tourist action violating the laws.

5. Any items not specified in the plan.

Trip Notes for Suggested Private Chengdu Walking Tours

Travel Season & Climate
Chengdu enjoys a mild climate. It is warm and wet all year. The annual temperature averages 16°C. The temperature is not so high in summer,  but it is very muggy because it is humid. The temperature is generally above 5°C during winter.  And it is usually very cloudy and humid. It is neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter, so the whole year is suitable for tourists. The best tourist season: March to June; September to November.

Getting There & Away

Chengdu Shuangliu Airport is the largest international airport in southwest China. Air China, Sichuan Airlines, Chengdu Airlines and other carriers link Chengdu with all major Chinese cities and fly direct to Lhasa in Tibet. By the end of 2011,there were 138 scheduled domestic routes and 48 international (regional) routes. Chengdu International Airport aims to form the national aviation hub in mainland China.

Chengdu is an important railway hub in China's southwest, with train to Chongqing, Kunming in Yunnan and Xi'an in Shaanxi. New lines under construction include conventional line to Lanzhou and new high-speed lines to Mianyang, Leshan and Chongqing. There are two major passenger stations servicing Chengdu. They are Chengdu Railway Station (the "North Station") and the new modern Chengdu East Railway Station, which was opened in May 2011. From Chengdu, you can also travel by train to Lhasa.

Speedy expressways in eastern Sichuan link Chengdu with Chongqing, Xi'an, Guiyang and other major cities of Sichuan; Heading north and west of Chengdu, road conditions deteriorate, but you can travel to Gansu via Jiuzhaigou and Zoige or to Qinghai along scenic National Hwy 213, To get to Yunnan you can head south via Ya'an, Panzhihua or travel the southern Sichuan-Tibet Hwy through Litang and Xiangcheng to Shangri-la(Zhongdian).

Helpful Chengdu Travel Tips

Traditional Teahouses
With over a thousand years of history, Chinese tea culture is perhaps best exemplified by the bamboo chairs and wooden tables found in the hundreds of tea houses throughout Chengdu, with jasmine tea being served as the local staple. As early as the Western Han period, both tea trade and tea culture were very prosperous in Sichuan with Chengdu as the starting point of the Southern Silk Road. Sichuan Teahouse has long been the centers of neighbourhood social life, they are where people gossiped, played cards, watched opera performances, had haircuts, even had their ear wax removed! Today, with EYT guide help, you still can find the crowded traditional teahouses in Chengdu.

Sichuan Opera Booking
Chengdu is the home of Sichuan Opera,which dates back more than 250 years ago. It's nothing like western opera; many performances feature slapstick, glass-shattering songs, men dressed as women,gymnastics and even fire-breathing. One highlight is face-changing in which performers swap masks, seemly by magic. It has been one of the popular night show in Chengdu, performances run nightly from 8pm to 9:30pm regularly; you'd better book in advance if you like, EYT TOURS can help you book the show in a discounted price. TEL:0086-13688000876 FAX:86-28-85510272